Hi Everyone.

Not been on here since forever so thought I might make a post. if there is actually anyone still here lol.

So I hope you are all well and life is treating you well.

I'm good. my children are all grown up now.

Jessica gets married on Thursday to a wonderful young man. she graduated uni 2 years ago with a degree in performing arts, television, stage and radio. They live in Milton keynes.

Chrissie also graduated uni 2 years ago with a degree in forensic psycology and criminology.
she has been with her bf almost 2 years. she actually works for her brother. lol

Kieran has just bought his own house with his gf of 2 years and is manager of a branch in a national chain of football centres.

I am my mums carer. she is 89 now and has (amongst a rather long list) Cancer and copd. so we spend a lot of the time at hospital appointments.

I spend any days off I might get going to see stage shows and going to visit my best friends. I also often look after a little 4 year old who is the light of all our lives. my little angel. Oh and go to the Gym. whoever thought that would happen lol

The worst thing was losing @venom69 Ky. My wonderful friend. I miss her so much. losing her broke my heart.

I wish you all health and happiness xx

Jo x