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Title: Never Tear Us Apart
Author jo_siris
Artist: Paloma Faith
Pairing: Rumplestiltskin/Belle
Show: Once Upon A time
A/N First vid in 3 years. Be gentle. Made for damaged_hearts birthday x


Testing Testing

Not used this in forever just thought I'd say hi and check who is still around

Title: Only Time.
Author: jo_siris
Pairing: Bates/Anna <3
Show: Downton Abbey
Spoilers: up to end of ep 5
A/N I have totally fallen in love with this show and this ship.
Feedback would be loved.

Only TimeCollapse )
This is the most amazing piece of fanart I have ever seen.

This young lady is amazingly talented.

This piece is just beyond awesome and so very cute and funny.

Sportsday Fanart
Author : jo_siris
Song: Prelude 12/21 A.F.I
Character: PC6620
Spoilers: End of show
Summary: He needs Alex to help him find himself again.
A/N: I was asked to make this video by it's subject. I just hope I did him justice.

Lay me to SleepCollapse )

Feedback would be loved.
Title: What's the story, morning glory.
Author: jo_siris
Pairing: Galex
Spoilers: NONE.
Rating: MA
Summary: PWP. A silly piece of humourous smut.
A/N: Thanks to escapedvelocity for the beta. Dedicated to ddagent.
Feedback would be loved.

What's the story, morning glory.Collapse )

New Fic: Island at War : Baron/Felicity

Title: Checkmate
Author: jo_siris
Pairing: Baron/Felicity.
Spoilers: Through Series
Rating: K+
Summary: Avoiding the Baron is making Felicty a prisoner in her own home.
A/N Thank you to venom69 for the beta. Dedicated to ddagent for the nagging. lol
Feedback would be loved.
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CheckmateCollapse )
Title : Speechless
Artist: Lady Gaga
Author: jo_siris
Pairing : Galex
Spoilers : Up to and including the finale
Catagory : Angst/Romance

SpeechlessCollapse )

Feedback appreciated :)

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